Father, husband, community leader, coach, business owner

"I will bring a fresh perspective and innovation which are both necessary to propel California forward"

Max Semenenko

Reform Our Immigration System to Be Fair and Safe
Loosen Big Pharma’s Grip on Our Healthcare System
Defend The Second Amendment
Revive The Economy
Max Semenenko is a successful business owner, father, and husband with a track record of success in both the private and public sector. His experiences witnessing the overreaching power of a socialist-controlled government drive his passion for public service and community engagement.
Immigrating from the Ukraine roughly 25 years ago with his family with little resources, Max worked to help secure his family by taking on various jobs, including working as a paperboy in the Oak Park neighborhood where he and his siblings attended school.
  • Elected to the North Highlands Recreation and Park District Board
  • Appointed as a Board Member to Winship Charter School and Feather River Charter School, where he genuinely serves families and school staff
  • Appointed to North Highlands/Foothill Farms CPAC committee by the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors
Max has served on the following committees:
Education and Career Development, Pensions and Labor, Environmental Affairs, Insurance, and Financial Institutions, and as a Chair of the Audit and Financial Reporting Subcommittee of the Legislative Council
Awarded a certificate of recognition for being an active community leader by the California State Assembly